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I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

April 25, 2014

I must admit that I find it bothersome finding that candidates put up signs on public property. I find it even more bothersome when those candidates have been in office for far too long and take the residents of Maynard for granted.  In my opinion, they are there to feed their egos and push their agendas, satisfied to maintain the status quo with the assistance of their cronies.

Perhaps what bothers me even more is witnessing some public officials treating residents attending meetings in good faith and with legitimate concerns, rudely and disrespectfully. I was especially taken aback at how rudely both parents and senior citizens with legitimate safety concerns were treated. Every citizen who goes before a board or committee should be treated with respect, dignity and understanding.  The untenable way residents were treated was absolutely shameful. I was also shocked at the way I was treated by one of my colleagues, but I have thick enough skin and am able to recognize a pompous egotistical windbag when I run into one, (they’re just older versions of schoolyard bullies). 

Every community needs an honest, efficient government concerned with every resident.  We’ve fallen on very difficult times. Unfortunately what I see going on here in my town  is more of the same, unbelievably high tax rates, closing businesses, adding layers of employees to the bureaucracy, and what's more alarming, a complete lack of negotiating skills by those we entrust to negotiate on our behalf. I also see a declining economy and a movement to drive new businesses away from Maynard, thereby turning our backs on a strong commercial tax base. To put it simply - We are in trouble and we need to turn it around. In fact, it is far beyond time to put... [More]
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Who Will I Support For The BOS?

April 19, 2014

Over the past few weeks many residents have asked me who I will be supporting for the two seats on the Board of Selectmen. First I should explain who I won’t be supporting.

I cannot and will not support any candidate for selectman whose views on 129 Parker Street development would further suppress the economic growth of our community. Housing must also be included in any plan.

Those who arbitrarily dismiss a Walmart or Target will never get my vote for selectmen or any other municipal position. We need businesses that will offer residents products at affordable prices and bring in customers from surrounding towns. A high priced supermarket and a few small specialty shops will not achieve this. We need tax relief, we need not compete with Newton, Wellesley , Weston & Wayland. We are Maynard and should be proud of it. Furthermore those who are willing to give TIFs (which are unfair to both existing businesses and taxpaying residents) also need not apply.    

I would not support any incumbent who has in my opinion obstructed much needed growth and commercial tax revenue, leaving the bulk of the tax burden on hardworking residential taxpayers, while at the same time potentially costing our seniors a much needed senior center.

I also will not support a candidate who in my opinion doesn’t realize that his inexperience and his position on 129 Parker Street will further burden those same residential taxpayers, and I am offended by his position against public housing.

I will support candidates who are open-minded, honest, sincere and have the best interests of all of the residents of Maynard in mind when making the difficult decisions selectmen are often called upon to make.

I will support the candidates whom I feel have the necessary experience and skills to... [More]
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You can fool some of the people all of the time & all of the people some of the time . . .

April 18, 2014

I find it very interesting that a certain candidate appears to not know the difference between being a "leader" and being a "bully". Speaking from my experience with said candidate I can attest that IMO he displays the characteristics of the latter rather than the former.

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Transparency in Government . . .

February 19, 2014

I guess some things just never change . . . 

At least until we say enough is enough!


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How to make due with less . . .

February 19, 2014

 If we don't clean house in the upcoming town elections, this could be the official dress of Maynardians before you know it. (After the last round property tax & water/sewer bills I'm about ready to be  fitted for my barrel). Wink  An astute reader even suggested that we should use the barrels to collect rain water and save on our water bills. I think he's on to something! Perhaps we should all go buy swimming pools off-season, fill them with snow and use the melted snow to get through the summer.

If we are really lucky perhaps we would be able to even wash our cars every full moon if we live on a street that begins with a vowel, unless of course that happens to fall on a Monday, then we would be out of luck like those who live on streets that begin with consonants

There is one exception however, if you are are member of the "enlightened clique", then of course you can do whatever the hell you want.

~Jim Buscemi


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Maynard's West End Boys & Auni Saari (Hyden) Circa 1920's

February 17, 2014


West End Boys & Auni Saari (Hyden) Circa 1920's 

Photo: West End Boys & Auni Saari (Hyden) Circa 1920's 

Auni was one of the very nicest Maynardians I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She always had a warm smile on her face and a cheerful word for all. Those who aren't old enough to remember the "Old Maynard" missed out on a very special time in a wonderful tight knit community filled with nice, sincere & caring people (and a lot lower tax rate) Though Auni has been gone for a long time now, I often think of her with warm memories and a smile.      

If only those generations were still here to vote in elections and attend town meetings things would sure be different. I know of at least one selectman who never would have been elected because the older generations would have seen right through his blatantly disingenuous facade, pandering to both sides of an issue to gain votes for his next election, while behind the scenes pushing questionable agendas for his own benefit. Yes they would have seen right through him in a nanosecond just like the Town Meeting  slick talkers (who seem to be on par with time share sales people) wouldn't pull the wool over their eyes with their fancy presentations designed to use psychology to get people to vote for things we don't need, spend money we don't have & resort to fairy-tales & scare tactics to turn away business that is vital to the economic well-being of our town. Folks seemed a lot less gullible back then and we were the better for it.

 Again, I think it goes back to fairness, honesty, compassion, common-sense & truly caring about your neighbors. What a gem of a town we had with such wonderful people from...

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Time For Accountability

February 15, 2014


The sooner elected (& hired) "officials" realize that they are elected to represent us - NOT SPECIAL INTERESTS - that both those elected & hired realize they WORK for us & that they can be prosecuted for weaving their webs of lies & doing wrong by us, that we are not their personal piggy banks and the sooner we throw all of the disingenuous phonies out on their ears, the better we will all be.

Take a stand to stop government waste, patronage & cronyism - starting right here in Maynard! Why is it that less cities and towns appear to be governed  by good honest people while more seem to be controlled by unholy cliques?

Don't fall for the "untruths" anymore. Remember politicians don't lie they just "forget to tell the truth", they don't cheat, they just suffer "errors in judgement", they don't refuse to testify, they just "can't recall". I bet they can't recall what they were thinking when they handed out some of the most ridiculous contracts to individuals who must have thought they had won the lottery and couldn't believe that they played the "negotiating team" like a violin. I'll bet they can't recall what they were thinking when they hired even more employees and "assistants" and awarded them with nearly equally ridiculous contracts.  I'll even bet that one of the biggest windbags in town couldn't even recall a single legitimate reason for pushing that white elephant of a country club down our throats. Take a stand for honest government - hold them ALL accountable.

Ask them why they have launched our tax rate into the stratosphere. You have that right, you have that power - Remember public officials work for you whether they like it or not. Make them "recall" what they have done and hold them responsible. If they can't "recall",...

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Due to health issues I have resigned from the Board of Selectmen - by Jim Buscemi

December 6, 2013

Due to the many health issues I have been dealing with & because I need to under go yet more surgery, I have resigned as a member of the Board of Selectmen. I feel it is unfair to the residents of Maynard to be missing so much time on the BOS. However if these upcoming surgeries & procedures can restore my health, I assure everyone I will be back in the public forum as soon as possible. I feel that the working class is under-represented in all levels of government in all levels of government and it was my hope, and still is my hope to be a voice for those who are too often ignored.
Below is a copy of my letter of resignation.

Due to ongoing health problems I must reluctantly resign my position as a member of the Maynard Board of Selectmen. 
I feel that I am letting my colleagues and my fellow residents down, however at this time I must focus on getting well and spending time with my family.
When elected, it was my hope to serve the residents of Maynard by being a voice calling for fiscal restraint, tax relief and complete transparency. Furthermore, I had hoped to help lead the way to bring economic growth to our town and to see new businesses come into town.
As I leave the board, I feel that most of the issues we faced 2 years ago are still issues today, and I wish I had been well enough to continue the fight to keep Maynard an affordable town for all residents.
It is my hope that I can overcome these health issues and at some point continue to fight to help keep Maynard business friendly, and an affordable place for the working class, the...

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Naysayers have no effect on Eye On Maynard

January 9, 2013

I must admit, I don't get why some go on Eye On Maynard to snipe and take shots at the page because we dare to ask questions or post pertinent stories related to current events.

 I can't help but notice, but some of those postings come from public employees, and as a taxpayer, I  wonder what the policy is regarding public employees posting comments on social media while at work. I think we have a right to know.

No matter what these "snipers" motives may be, Eye On Maynard will continue to ask the questions they've always asked, whether it be regarding discolored water or water smelling like bleach, the reasons for certain expenditures or requests for expenditures, the wisdom of making certain land acquisitions, or whatever the case, (or the current topic) may be. It seems to me in many cases those who don't want the questions asked, are those who don't want the answers known.

It really makes one wonder how they would react if we started asking tough questions. You know, the ones that some might not want us to know the answers to. In the past we have seen all kinds of tactics used. From deciminating "misinformation" and going into "high alert attack mode". Say what you will about Eye On Maynard, but I believe we would be in worse shape if it did not exist. There would be even less information out there, which is why some tried to kill it when it first started. The reason the page started was simple TRANSPARENCY or the lack thereof.

I believe residents have a right to know what is going on in their town. I believe residents have a right to be informed and that elected officials have the right to offer their own opinions, concerns, and speak to department heads, including the town administrator without...

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How should parents and school staff respond to incidents of bullying?

December 22, 2012

Questions for parents of school aged children:
Have any of your children been subjected to bullying at school?
Our 5 year-old daughter who is attending kindergarten at Green Meadow came home yesterday with torn pants & a bandaged knee. She reported that she was pushed at recess by a bully who is in first grade and had to go to the nurse. She reported that this is the same girl who has bullied her in the past and has called her "fatty". She also reported that the child who assaulted her was given a "time out". Our daughter informed us that she doesn't want to go to recess anymore and is afraid to go to school.
I am very concerned about this incident which appears to be becoming a pattern, but what is especially concerning is that we were not notified of this incident by anyone from Green Meadow. This to me is totally unacceptable. I believe when a child is assaulted on school grounds (in this case to the point she required medical attention and her pants were torn in the assault) that school staff should be required to notify parents immediately.
My daughter attended an out of town preschool last year and experienced no difficulties. She loves school and I do not want something like this to diminish her enthusiasm for learning.
Again I would be interested in hearing from anyone else whose child or children have been subjected to bullying at school and how was it resolved?     

 Thank You

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